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Letter Ouverte a'Barack Obama President des Etats Unis

Posté par: Mambodj ndao| Jeudi 06 octobre, 2016 01:10  | Consulté 1876 fois  |  0 Réactions  |   

President Barack Obama

 The White House

 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

?Washington, DC 20500

                                                                                                         October 5, 2016


Subject: Presence of American troops in Senegal, West Africa      


Your Excellency Mr. President,


The discovery of oil in Senegal sharpens all appetites. The fight against global terrorism is only the pretext for monitoring American investments in Senegal. 

Macky Sall’s authorizations of American troops   presence of Sarpan Island on Senegalese soil is not the will of the country.  The occupancy of American troops is driven by Macky Sall’s financial interest and obsession to build wealth access to his immediate family and friends.  The unity of the nation is irrelevant to him.   I ask two questions: Why hasn’t any searches been performed on American troops by our custom agents?  What has been introduced to Senegalese soil without the countries knowledge? 

That Mister President, is unacceptable.  We are a Republic.  We are not a discount of democracy.  With all due respect, this act of betrayal which you are a part of allows the people of Senegal; to ask you Mister President to come out publicly about the presence of American troops in Senegal. 

Macky Sall is a financial felon, all the Senegalese people want is transparency in our cooperation with the USA.  I urge you to make everything public.



Thank you for your assistance in this matter,



Mambodj Ndao

President of Keedju Askanwi (Spear of the Nation)


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